Midwifery Volunteering in Tanzania

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to volunteer during the third year of my midwifery training, so I thought what better way to understand culture, pregnancy and birth than travelling to a different country!

I'll be experiencing African midwifery as I venture to Tanzania in 2020 for two weeks. Here, the voluntary work will include helping women through their pregnancy, birth and also in the postnatal period as I learn what challenges and skills the local midwives are accustomed to. I'm hoping to learn more about their culture and gain experience which may better my practice as a midwife in the future!

As the trip is self-funded, I'll need to begin some serious fundraising in order to reach my goal of £3000! While this is a huge target, I will be extremely appreciative of any donation, no matter the size. Anything will contribute to me fulfilling this dream and working voluntarily in a country less fortunate than our own. If I have money left over, I'm also hoping to take supplies over with me which may benefit the women and babies being cared for.


A massive thank you in advance for anything you might want to donate! If you'd like to know more about my trip then I'm always open for a message.

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